Sonification - It began with a spoken word
Inspiration - Our imprint surrendered
Expiration - A wave of sound

This is the Noise we make

Sonification... the auditory equivalent to scientific visualization. It began with a spoken word.
Inspiration... our imprint surrendered.
Expiration... a Triune breath blew forward, erupting expressions interpreted by the smallest component of an element known to our kind, cradled within its core...
A wave of sound.
His spoken word crashed against the universe unbound.
Frequencies were set in motion,yielding a jubilant explosion, His reverberations – a persistent reflection, a melodic notion. The hum of his glory resounds in our devotion. He has interwoven His children in acoustic complexities – everyday beings personified as His music in motion.
Vibrations... Rhythms... Crescendos...
Projecting the tone of His abiding love.
This is the noise we make.

- Abigail Grace Robertson

The noise we make